YahooClient RefreshToken Method (AccessToken)Nemiro.OAuth
Sends a request to refresh the access token.

Namespace: Nemiro.OAuth.Clients
Assembly: Nemiro.OAuth (in Nemiro.OAuth.dll) Version: (

public override AccessToken RefreshToken(
	AccessToken accessToken = null


accessToken (Optional)
Type: Nemiro.OAuth AccessToken
May contain an access token, which should be refreshed.

Return Value

Type: AccessToken


Provider does not support refreshing the access token, or the method is not implemented.

Use the property SupportRefreshToken, to check the possibility of calling this method.


Access token is not found or is not specified.


refresh_token value is empty.

RequestExceptionError during execution of a web request.
ArgumentNullExceptionAn exception occurs if there is no authorization code.

If accessToken parameter is not specified, it will use the current access token from the same property of the current class instance.

Token must contain the refresh_token, which was received together with the access token.

(!)To update the access token, you must specify the return address that was used in obtaining the access token.
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