Nemiro.OAuth NamespaceNemiro.OAuth

This is main namespace that contains the basic classes OAuth, an enumeration, structures, exception classes and helper classes.

If you just want to implement authorization via OAuth protocol, use teh OAuthManager and OAuthWeb along with client classes of the [Nemiro.OAuth.Clients] namespace.


Public classAccessDeniedException
The exception that is thrown when a resource owner or authorization server denied the request.
Public classAccessToken
Represents base properties and method for access token results.
Public classAccessTokenException
Represents the access token exception.
Public classAccessTokenType
The list of access token types.
Public classApiDataMapping
Represents data mapping collection for API results.
Public classApiDataMappingItem
Represents data mapping item for API results.
Public classApiException
The exception that is thrown when server of API returns error.
Public classAuthorizationException
The exception that is thrown when a user fails to login.
Public classAuthorizationResult
Represents authorization results.
Public classClientIsNotRegisteredException
The exception that is thrown when trying to access an unregistered OAuth client.
Public classDuplicateProviderException
The exception that is thrown when you attempt to register the already registered client.
Public classEmptyResult
Represents the empty results of the query.
Public classErrorResult
Represents the error results of the query.
Public classHttpAuthorization
Represents a HTTP authorization header.
Public classHttpFile
Implements a file to transfer in a HTTP request.
Public classHttpFormParameter
Implements a form parameter.
Public classHttpParameter
Implements a HTTP paramter.
Public classHttpParameterCollection
Collection of HTTP parameters.
Public classHttpParameterValue
Implements a value of the HTTP paramter.
Public classHttpRequestBody
Implements a request body.
Public classHttpUrlParameter
Implements a parameter of url.
Public classIncompatibleHttpParametersException
The exception that is thrown when adding a HttpFile to the HttpParameterCollection and collection has one a HttpRequestBody.
Public classMultipleRequestBodyException
The exception that is thrown when HttpParameterCollection has more than one HttpRequestBody.
Public classNullHttpContextException
The exception that is thrown when HttpContext.Current is null (Nothing in Visual Basic).
Public classOAuth2AccessToken
The access token class for OAuth 2.0.
Public classOAuth2Client
Represents base properties and method for OAuth 2.0 client.
Public classOAuthAccessToken
The access token class for OAuth 1.0.
Public classOAuthAuthorization
Represents authorization parameters for OAuth 1.0.
Public classOAuthBase
Represents base class for OAuth client classes.
Public classOAuthClient
Represents base properties and method for OAuth 1.0 client.
Public classOAuthManager
Represents helper class for management of OAuth clients.
Public classOAuthRequestToken
Represents the request token results.
Public classOAuthSignature
Represents the signature of the request. This is a helper class to simplify debugging.
Public classOAuthUtility
Provides helpers methods for OAuth.
Public classOAuthWeb
Represents helper class for sessions management of OAuth.
Public classRequestException
The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while accessing the network.
Public classRequestResult
Represents the base class for results of remote requests.
Public classSignatureMethods
Variants of the signature encryption.
Public classUniValue
The universal type that represents a value.
Public classUniValueCollection
Represents the collection of the UniValue.
Public classUnknownProviderException
The exception occurs when you try to access a provider by provider name. If the name is incorrect, or does not exist.
Public classUserInfo
Represents the user profile info.

Public structureClientName
Represents the name of the client.
Public structureGrantType
Represents the authorization grant type.

Public delegateCustomParse
Represents a method that is called for parsing item of the API data.
Public delegateExecuteRequestAsyncCallback
References a method to be called when a corresponding asynchronous web request completes.

Public enumerationAuthorizationType
The list of authorization type.
Public enumerationHttpParameterType
The list of the types a HTTP parameters.
Public enumerationSex
Very sexy list.
Public enumerationUrlEncodingType
The list of url encding methods.