UniValue ParseJson Method Nemiro.OAuth
Converts the specified JSON string to an UniValue.

Namespace: Nemiro.OAuth
Assembly: Nemiro.OAuth (in Nemiro.OAuth.dll) Version: (

public static UniValue ParseJson(
	string text


Type: System String
A string containing a JSON data to parse.

Return Value

Type: UniValue
A new UniValue instance.

ArgumentNullExceptiontext is null.
ArgumentExceptionThe text length exceeds the value of MaxValue.
ArgumentExceptionThe recursion limit defined by MaxValue was exceeded.
ArgumentExceptiontext contains an unexpected character sequence.
ArgumentExceptiontext is a dictionary type and a non-string key value was encountered.
ArgumentExceptiontext includes member definitions that are not available on the target type.
InvalidOperationExceptionIt is not possible to convert text to the target type.
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