OAuthBase Properties
OAuthBase PropertiesNemiro.OAuth

The OAuthBase type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAccessToken
Gets or sets an access token.
Protected propertyAccessTokenUrl
Gets or sets the address for the access token.
Public propertyAccessTokenValue
Gets an access token value.
Public propertyApplicationId
Gets or sets the application identifier.
Public propertyApplicationSecret
Gets or sets the application secret key.
Public propertyAuthorizationCode
Gets or sets access code for access token requests.
Public propertyAuthorizationUrl
Gets the endpoint of the authorization.
Protected propertyAuthorizeUrl
Gets or sets the base address for login.
Public propertyParameters
Gets or sets additional query parameters.
Public propertyProviderName
Unique provider name.
Public propertyReturnUrl
Gets or sets return URL.
Public propertyState
Gets or sets unique request identifier. For clients the value sets is automatically.
Public propertySupportRefreshToken
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the current client supports refreshing access token.
Public propertySupportRevokeToken
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the current client supports revoking access token.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the version of the OAuth protocol.
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