RequestException Constructor (String,  Byte , Exception, NameValueCollection, Int32)Nemiro.OAuth
Initializes a new instance of the RequestException class with a specified server request result, content type and the exception that is the cause of this exception.

Namespace: Nemiro.OAuth
Assembly: Nemiro.OAuth (in Nemiro.OAuth.dll) Version: (

public RequestException(
	string contentType = null,
	byte[] result = null,
	Exception innerException = null,
	NameValueCollection headers = null,
	int statusCode = 0


contentType (Optional)
Type: System String
The content type of the server request result.
result (Optional)
Type:  System Byte 
The result of the request.
innerException (Optional)
Type: System Exception
The exception that is the cause of the current exception, or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if no inner exception is specified.
headers (Optional)
Type: System.Collections.Specialized NameValueCollection
The HTTP headers of the output.
statusCode (Optional)
Type: System Int32
The HTTP status code of the output.
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